George Draper Photography

George Draper specializes in portraits, work environments, celebrations and home interiors. His goal is to capture that special “something” to communicate authenticity, engagement and an inviting sense of place. In addition to serving medical centers, colleges, public and non-profit groups, George photographs home interiors for realtors, builders and design professionals. He also offers workshops and one-on-one training to emerging photographers as well as assistance on websites, slide shows and custom-made photo books. George is an avid traveler photographer as well and exhibits photographic prints in the SF Bay Area.

           510 290-7415           


“Timing rules in a twilight shot usually about 15 minutes after sunset.  But before that happens it is a good idea to   turn on interior lights, compose your shot on a tripod,  set ISO, aperture and manually adjust your shutter speed for proper exposure. At bewitching hour bracket your shots by two stops in either direction for best exposure. Then fine tune your image in an editng program and/or composit your exposures with HDR software.”